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Partner with Mack Parking

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Space is an Opportunity
We believe in growing with our clients for long-term growth over short-term gain. As a business partner, we provide solutions that will consistently benefit your patrons at our area of business operations.
Having managed many unique parking locations for private as well as government car park owners since 2013, we have the right solutions for a wide range of properties. Maximising parking spaces through our network of clientele will build demand for space and grow the property value.

Consult Us
With diversified experience in different sectors, starting from office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, entertainment centres, schools, hospitals and airports, we are able to better articulate and fulfil your needs.

State of the Art Infrastructure
In the context of business intelligence, our in-depth data analytics provide clients with minute details on revenue, volume and consumer trends in a particular car park. Such reports play a vital role in guiding a landlord on rate structures and its impact, with audit trails.

24-hour Call Centre Services
Our 24 hours fully integrated command centre provides real-time assistance to customers via the intercom system with CCTV surveillance.

EV Charging
We provide Electric Vehicle charging solutions for all properties with various commercial model options. We have a wide range of AC and DC chargers to choose from which are integrated with our mobile application.

Certified Charging Point Operator (CPO)

LTA-Approved and Certified Smart Charger Operator that can carry out smart functions and capabilities under the requirements of Electric Vehicle Common Charger Grant (ECCG)

Integration with Car Park Management

FastParkNCharge can be integrated with parking software system and provide the one-stop solution for Mack Parking car park users for EV and season parking services.

FastParkNCharge Mobile Application

FastParkNCharge EV Charging mobile application connects every EV drivers to the nearest charging stations, offering real-time charging status and personalised notification and more